Bendler (Vocals)

Instrument: Vocals
Born: 1976
Influences: Iron Maiden
Gear: EV ND96 in Zornheym/Engulfing Rage Ibanez prestige /peavey 6505 in Facebreaker
Endorsment: none
Other bands:
Facebreaker (, Engulfing Rage, Bendler
Former bands: Backwardness

Like Zorn, Bendler grew up in Southern Sweden. Originally drawn towards music by the allure of the guitar, he picked up the guitar at 12 years of age. His early musical years were influenced greatly by Iron Maiden and eventually  joined forces with some like-minded friends; Crizz Kalltenegger (POWERKILL), Lars Palmqvist (SCAR SYMMETRY), and Mika Lagren (GRAVE) and started the band BACKWARDNESS.

It was here that Bendler first learned of his love and drive to deliver quality live shows through melodious and hard music, but after a few exciting years the members went their separate ways with other bands and projects.

This was when the name Bendler was first used, as a moniker to write his own music. He started to concentrate on perfecting his growling and clean vocals to be more independent in his songwriting which opened up the opportunity to sing at a live show with SCAR SYMMETRY. It was this performance that led Zorn to contact Bendler a few years later to take part in Zornheym.

In the meantime, Bendler continued to expand his musical output by joining FACEBREAKER with whom he let loose his formidable skills as a lead guitarist, collaborating with Robert Hansson (RAWBURT) under the name WRECK, and he was also featured on the record HELLHOG.

Bendler feels most at home on stage and is currently hyped up to bring ZORNHEYM’s “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns” to the masses as a live experience.