Scucca (Guitars)

Alan “Scucca” McCahey

Instrument: Guitar, backing vocals, arrangement and scoring
Born: Monaghan, Ireland.

Influences: Nevermore, Devin Townsend, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rory Gallagher, Hans Zimmer, Two Steps from Hell

Guitar: Ibanez AJD71T, Ibanez RGD7320Z, Taylor 114ce, Furch D40cm12 12 String
Amp: Diezel D-Moll
Cab: Ibanez TSA212C
Attenuator: Weber Mass 150w
Effects Pedals: Bogner Ecstasy Red, MXR Noise Clamp, Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail +, Dunlop Zakk Wylde Signature Wah, TC Electronic – Polytune

Endorsment: Lace Pickups – Alumitone Deathbuckers

Other bands: Encrowned (Swe), Of One Blood (Ire)

Originally from Ireland, Alan started playing guitar and singing around the age of 7 after years of listening to his father playing songs for him. He was raised on a diet of classic rock and blues, and eventually found his way into metal during his early teens.

As a fan of the electric guitar and also of figuring out the inner workings of gadgets, he decided that playing guitar wasn’t enough and took apart his first electric guitar shortly after receiving it. This led to the hilarious moment of realisation that taking a guitar apart is easier than reassembling it. However, the learning process while reassembling the guitar taught him many life long lessons and an appreciation for the technology behind music creation.

He played in many school bands during 2nd level Education but studied music outside of school due to it not being offered as a subject and because of this he had the pleasure of experiencing the lessons of several guitar teachers and a dedicated music theory teacher until reaching 3rd level Education.

Alan went on to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Music followed by a Masters in Music Technology, during which time his musical interests spread further afield. Between taking part in many music activities with various bands, and in performances with his classmates, Alan began delving into electronic music and film and video game score composing.

After graduating, he worked full time in the guitar department for one of Ireland’s biggest music stores and as a guitar tech for some well known Irish musicians, but soon realised that he wanted to try living abroad while still young and free enough to do so!

And so, his life led him to find an unexpected love for the city of Stockholm where he eventually met Zorn.

Upon meeting Zorn, they quickly recognised they held a mutual interest in the same music and musical goals, and had complimentary skill-sets, which Alan was sure would lead them into some excellent musical adventures together.

He chose the name “Scucca” because of a book of myths and legends he had read as a child. In this book it mentioned a scucca as being an old English word for an evil spirit which might have evolved to inspire the tales of the Black Shuck, a large black dog who haunts the English countryside. The word has stuck with Alan since first reading it so it only seemed appropriate that he should adopt the name as has own.