Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns

Zornheym – Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns (A5 Digipack)

Label: Non Serviam Records



1. The Opposed

| Lyrics | Patient History |

2. Subjugation of the Cellist

3. A Silent God

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4. Prologue to a Hypnosis

5. Trifecta of Horrors

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6. …and the Darkness Came Swiftly

7. Whom the Night Brings…

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8. Decessit Vita Patris

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9. Hestia

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Total playing time: 38:00


Swedish symphonic extreme metal masters Zornheym have finished their monumental debut album and are ready to unleash it upon the world! On the 15th of September, via Non Serviam Records (Season of Mist), they will invite you to step onto the grounds of Zornheim; Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and experience “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns”. Together with Dies Iona Ensembly and ZORNHEYM’s own bombastic “Chorus Tenebris” choir, they have created the perfect soundtrack to your submission into the Asylum’s care.

With magnificent visual artistry in the form of cover art by Pedro Sena – Lordigan and a concept expanding graphic novel illustrated by Art by Bring; with every chapter telling more of the gruesome tales behind each song.

“This is the first chapter in the history of ZORNHEYM and we are so very proud of the outcome. The performance of everyone involved has been amazing. To use so many real instruments from day one feels like such an accomplishment. This is just the beginning!” states ZORNHEYM’s guitarist, Zorn.

“It was a great pleasure to take part in the journey of the creation of this record. To have Zornheym here in the studio with the ambition to make an album that is so much more than an ordinary metal album made me very excited to produce this recording from day one. Now looking at the final result, the power of Zornheym’s music can’t be denied really.” states Wing Studios’ sound wizard Sverker Widgren.

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Lead and background vocals: Bendler
Lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars: Zorn
Rhythm and acoustic guitars: Scucca
Drums and percussion: Angst

Clean & oriental vocals on “A Silent God” – Cain Cressall
Guest vocals as “The Monster” on “Trifecta of Horrors”- Jonas Magnusson
Boy vocals as “The Son” on “Decessit Vita Patris” – Algot Jacobson
Zornheym’s Chorus Tenebris recorded and conducted by Scucca:, Lars Palmqvist, Dick Lundberg, Jesper Karlsson, Adrian Lundberg, Marco Baas, Alan McCahey, Magnus Eriksson, Christina Sand, Ingrid Lundin, Hanna Magnusson, Margareta Odenma Helena Widén, Frida Eurenius, Eva Eriksson
Strings performed by Dies Iona Ensambly with konzertmeister, Petter Möller.

The bass on this recording was composed and performed by Zorn
Zorn and Scucca are proudly endorsed by LACE PICKUPS

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Wing Studios by Sverker Widgren 2015 – 2017

Cover art by Pedro Sena Lordigan
Layout and band photo by Jens Rydén
Comic illustrations by Anu Bring
Zornheym logo by Christophe Szpajdel



The Opposed

Music and Lyrics by Zorn
Orchestrations by Zorn
Vocal lines by Zorn, Bendler & Scucca

[Edward] …no, no, no…
Dark, so dark within these closing walls
Cold, alone and broken by my past
Dark twin; i carved you off my face
And now, you’re yearning to take my place

[Edward] He’s growing back, insidious
I hear his whispers at night
Deceiving, I tremble in fright
I’ll fall and he will rise
My screams are silent
They stab me like knives
And now please let me…
Die, die, die – it’s time to die
I feel him coming
Down, down, down – in hate I will drown
The walls are coming down
[Dark Twin] You, thought you would elude your fate?
Soon each breath, you take will be mine
Weak, so weak, I’ll soon rip out your soul
Strike you, down and take control
[Dark Twin] I am hatred and deceit;
The thing that should not be
[Edward] No
[Dark Twin] You’ll be the vessel I shall ride
[Edward] I shall not
[Dark Twin] Within I’ll hide
[Edward] I am ready to…
Die, die, die – it’s time to die
I feel him coming
Down, down, down – in hate I will drown
The walls are coming down

Solo: Zorn

[Dark Twin] When you least will expect it,
I’ll rise from the dark
Die, die, die it’s time to die
I fear it in my heart, we were not meant to part



Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Edward van Rheingold
Patient/Case Number: ZH000A27
Sex: Male
Age at Admission: 32
Diagnosis: Diprosopus. Self-injurious behaviour. Suicidal. Insane.
Additional Notes of Interest: –
Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised
Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim

Childhood & Early Adolescence:
Heir to a noble family.
Afflicted with a malignant growth covering the parietal and occipital portions of the skull; caused by craniofacial duplication.
The growth takes the form of abnormal facial features and appears to be the instigating factor in the patients declining state, beginning with isolation and anti-social behaviour.
Patient claims the growth is communicating with him and actively trying to “possess” him.
His mental torment and sleep deprivation do not seem to have caused or been caused by intellectual deficiencies due to his academic and musical endeavours, in fact music offers
some respite from his issues.
The patient has previously sought medical solutions in removing the growth but has been repeatedly declined due to the risky and delicate nature of the surgery.

Anti-social behaviour and isolation worsened.
Personnel in the household have described their experiences of his behaviour during this time as deteriorating into extreme introversion with bouts of conversing with himself.
Possibly caused by auditory hallucinations or schizophrenic episodes.
These reported incidents reached the point of culmination when Edward chose to self-mutilate.
The final result of his mutilation: severe scarring on his head,
the loss of two fingers and an ear, and puncturing an eye socket.
This was the point when the patient was admitted to Zornheim.

Current status
His musical endeavours continue to offer him some moments of relief as his sole possession is his cello. However, these moments are short lived before he reverts back to his continual raving and screams of anguish.
An abnormal disfiguration of his face has progressively changed his facial features leaving him unrecognizable from his original appearance.
Unfortunately, it appears there is little that can be done to cure or even improve Edward’s situation. It is my recommendation that the patient shall remain with Zornheim for the remainder of his living days.




A Silent God

Music and Lyrics by: Zorn
Orchestrations: Zorn (special thanks to Chris Entee for inspiration and feedback)
Vocal lines: Cain Cressall, Zorn, Bendler
Clean vocals by Cain Cressall

Sliced guts, carved flesh
Dressed in blood, as I stab out thine eyes
Burning ants, so obedient
Twisting and turning
As I take their poor lives
Awaiting the kiss of bliss
Yet never such splendor
Like in my dreams:
Where they bleed me a river of ever sweet blood
All shall perish
I’ll devour you and claim your strength
All shall perish
Bleed me a river of ever flowing blood
I am
A silent god with no love nor compassion
I am
The beginning of unrestrained horrors
Blood lust!
Primal hunter
Empty eyes my only witness
As the insides, come pouring out
Genitals ripped off, lungs put on a plate
Aroused by divinity
I butcher them, like cattle at a slaughter house
Devour their remnants to gain godlike strength
All shall perish
I’ll devour you and claim your strength
All shall perish
Bleed me a river of ever flowing blood

I am
A silent god with no love nor compassion
I am
The beginning of unrestrained horrors
A silent God
Feeds upon flesh of the feeble-minded and the weak
All shall perish
Roaming above the ants to see the world burn

Solo: Zorn

A silent God
Crowned in terror (choir: he is forever crowned in terror)
The beginning of the end
A silent God
Crowned in terror
All shall perish
I’ll devour you to claim your strength
All shall perish
Bleed me a river of ever flowing blood
I am
A silent god with no love nor compassion
I am
The beginning of unrestrained horrors




Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Caesar Cain
Patient/Case Number: ZH000A74
Sex: Male
Age at Admission: 47
Diagnosis: Violent Sociopath. Grandiose Delusions. ADHD. Depersonalization disorder.
Notes of Interest: Convicted of 32 murders. Actual total unknown.
Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised
Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim
Infancy and Early Childhood (0 – 7)
The patient, Caesar Cain, clearly suffers from grandiose delusions to god complex proportions..
Psychological and physical abuse is a recurring theme in Cain’s childhood. He was abandoned by his biological parents and adopted by Garon, a high ranking military officer, and his wife, Odette. Garon was a positive influence in Cain’s early life when he was at home but Odette neglected Cain in Garon’s absence to pursue acts of infidelity. When Garon discovered this, Odette left permanently.
Middle Childhood (7 – 10)
Point to note: Cain recalls his 3 years alone with his father as the happiest time he can remember.
Early Adolescence (10 – 13)
The introduction of Garon’s next female companion, Patty. She proved to be the catalyst for Cain’s mental deterioration and physical and verbal aggression between father and son. This seems to be when he adopted his violent sociopathic persona. He was placed in an orphanage where the emotional devastation of being totally abandoned pushed him into introversion.
Late Adolescence (14-18)
The orphanage failed to provide a safe environment when an older orphan (A.K.A “The Wolf”) raped and sexually assaulted him.
Cain requested to be taken home by his parents, but their denial of his requests broke Cain’s remaining mental stability. “The Wolf” permanently disappeared shortly after Cain’s mental break and, at that time, no one suspected that Cain had anything to do with the disappearance.
An Orphanage near Zornheim, Stylian’s Brephotrophium, employed him as a janitor.
There he had the means, the location, and the victims to commit his crimes.
Over the period of 17 years, Cain appeared to be nothing more than the orphanages quiet janitor while he lured victims to unused rooms in the orphanage. There he could commit the act, clean, and dispose of the bodies in secrecy; exponentially growing his rate of killing until his arrest.
I, Dr Bettelheim, was contacted by the orphanage to check on the mental health of the orphans and upon meeting Cain in the corridors of the orphanage I noticed a peculiarity in his mannerisms. This was mentioned to the investigating officers which in turn led to their discovery of his actions.




Trifecta of Horrors

Music & Lyrics by Zorn
Orchestration by Zorn
Vocal lines by Zorn, Cain Cressall & Bendler
“The Monster” performed by Jonas Magnusson

The patient, Johan Liebert, will undergo his third hypnosis session in order to try and stabilize the severe dissociative disorder that the patient is suffering from and try to eradicate his split personalities. I, Dr Bettelheim, will be conducting the hypnosis as well as supervising the patient and his recovery.
The first failed attempts of treatment were conducted by the patient on his own by using a journal treatment. The journal treatment was however successful in making the patient more aware of his other personalities. The different personalities in his mind started writing messages to each other thus making it clear of what we need to accomplish here. From the journal were were able to gather that he first personality “The Painkeeper” is terrified of what will happen to the patient if he were to disappear. He seems to absorbed all the traumatic events that the patient has endures and is afraid what will happen to him if he fades to nothingness. The second personality “The Protector” is of a more aggressive nature, warning about waking up the monster that sleeps within. This will be the second session of the therapy.

[Painkeeper] “I am the keeper, the shield against his pain
I’m the savior, that keeps him sane
You can’t destroy me, he’d dwindle away”
[Dr. Bettelheim] “You’re a fraction of his mind absorbing all his agony”
[Painkeeper] “I’m the foundation of his current state”
[Dr. Bettelheim] “Yet an illusion of his mind
Who am I taking to? Tell me your name…”
[Johan Liebert] “It’s me, I am fine
I just blacked out there for a while
For a spell, but I am fine, now I see
I am sure, so let’s go on with this trial
Dr. Bettelheim begins to hypnotize Johan again and he slowly falls back into a slumbering state. After a few minutes, he suddenly opens his eyes and screams:
[The Protecter] “Stay away, be gone, get out of his head
There is no reason to conjurer what’s dead”
Johan starts twisting and turning in the chair that he is strapped to, screaming, it looks like an inner battle is raging inside his head.
[Painkeeper] “I am the sheep that the wolves did mutilate
The innocent, that all once used and praised
For years I’ve suffered this morbid fate”
[Dr. Bettelheim] “Please go on and tell me all there is to know.”
[Painkeeper] “I’m sorry doctor, but it is too late”
[Dr. Bettelheim] “There is still time to set things straight”
[Johan Liebert] “Set straight? You’re mad!
The evil within is sin:
Sleeping strain, burdened brain; hate unchained
It’s here crawling beneath my skin
Johan collapses into his chair. He’s breathing heavy, sweating, he looks worn from the struggle within. His breathing becomes normal again. He takes a deep breath and looks viciously at me:
[The Monster] “I am the beginning of the end
The one who makes the rest of them descend”
With unnatural strength Johan rips off the restrain on his right hand and grasps the doctor and lifts him up in the air, then he suddenly pulls him close to him and says in a demonic voice.
[The Monster] “I am the cancer of this soul
I slayed the wolves; I am in control
I’ll rip out your heart; ram it down in your throat – shred you apart
Bettelheim, unleash me now!
Let me rise to perfection – Trifecta be one!
We are bound as one
Bound by horrors old and gone:
As misery’s son”
[Painkeeper] “Agony absorbed him and swallowed his tears”
[Dr. Bettelheim] “Let me go, or I’m calling the guards”
[The Monster] Then call! And see; a perfect Trifecta rising here tonight
It ends, right now, Johan is banished to the depths within
[The Protecter] Stay away, be gone, get out of his head
You can’t save something that’s dead…
… It’s dead…
… so dead…
… so dead…




Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Johan Liebert
Patient/Case Number: ZH000B66
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Diagnosis: Dissociative identity disorder. Psychotic Depression. Extreme self-esteem swings with periods of highly inflated ego.
Notes of Interest: Convicted of 23 murders.
*** Sensitive nature of case due to notoriety of victims. Not to be discussed with unauthorised personnel.
Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised.
Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim
Johan Liebert was an orphan of unknown origin, adopted by a catholic priest named Udo Liebert.
Father Liebert was a vicious child molester and member of a secret collective of sexually abusive, pedofile priests.
Johan was raised in a cult-like environment, subjected to extreme religious brainwashing, and faced physically abusive consequences for “…defying the will of God.”
In what might be one of the initial causes of Johan’s conflicting periods of inflated ego, Fr. Liebert convinced Johan he was special, chosen to do great things in life, and that his body was a temple for God, “…not to be defiled by the impure.”
This message was further compounded by the repeated pedofilic rape gatherings, where Johan and other young boys were sexually abused by Fr. Liebert in front of audiences of self pleasuring clergymen.
Early Pubescent to mid-teens:
The patient describes how he started having blackouts during these rape sessions shortly after turning 10. This came to serve as a welcome escape, or “blessing from God” as Johan has occasionally referred to it.
At the age of 15, the priests from Udo’s network took more interest in him due to his continual growth as an attractive young man, eventually causing him to be the most requested boy in the collective. “The Painkeeper” personality appears to have been unable to withstand the ever increasing rate of the abuse which, I conclude, lead to the creation of a more aggressive persona i.e; “Monster”.
The Monster Persona:
“Monster’s” one and only appearance is in the last of Fr Liebert’s audio recordings of their rape sessions. Johan’s transformation at the time is heavily implicated by unearthly vocalisations, screams of terror and pain, and the violent thrashing of sexual acts, physical assault, and attempts of escape.
The police found Johan a few days after the incident, still at the crime scene. He was quickly convicted of the mass murder of Fr Liebert and his spectators, declared criminally insane and sentenced to permanent institutionalisation at Zornheim.




Whom the Night Brings…

Music by Zorn
Lyrics by Zorn & Scucca
Orchestrations by Zorn & Scucca
Vocal lines by Bendler & Zorn

[Narrator] The Shadows are crawling on the walls Intruders, hostile shapes Feeling pressure on my chest Gasping for breath! Panic, paralyzed again And then the demons come Will I ever be set free?
[Narrator] Here they come again Nightmare, Are the visions alive or dead?
Or is this terror in her head? Nightmare, It’s the horror she cannot shed In the incubi, the ones she dreads
[The Incubus] “Once again we have returned”
[Narrator] She cannot move
[The Incubus] “You are our toy to do with as we please”
[Narrator] She begs for her release
[The Incubus] “Immobile we now force our presence on to you Nightly! Again, until the very end”
[Narrator] Here they come again Nightmare, Are the visions alive or dead?
Or is this terror in her head? Nightmare, It’s the horror she cannot shed In the incubi, the ones she dreads
[Narrator] She cannot breathe
[The Incubus] “We crush upon your chest”
[Narrator] Sleep deprived
[The Incubus] “Rest always denied”
[Narrator] Are these dreams?
[The Incubus] “We are everything”
[Narrator] And in life
[The Incubus] “We are everywhere
We are everything
We are everywhere”
Theme Zorn
Solo Both
Theme Zorn




Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Angelika Engel
Patient/Case Number: ZH000D64
Sex: Female
Age at Admission: 28
Diagnosis: Sleep paralysis, Auditory & Visual hallucinations.
Additional Notes of Interest:
Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised
Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim
Early Childhood:
Patient claims her night terrors began during infancy. One of Angelika’s first memories is of “people” coming out of her walls and ceiling at night to try take her.
Her parents, being shocked and worried by her nightly behaviour, asked her about it when she was old enough to express herself. She tells them of the entities she claims call themselves “Incubi”. Her parents hoped this would only be a phase.
As the night terrors persisted the parents got scared and sought out religious assistance from the church.
While at the church, Angelika was taken under the wing of the church cantor who taught her to play the church organ and the harpsichord. The cantor appears to have been a solid mentor and role model for Angelika.
Mid/late teens:
Between Angelika being of the ages 15 to 17, the cantor became terminally ill and died.
Due to her time under the mentorship of the cantor, Angelika is offered a permanent spot as the church’s new cantor.
She accepted on the condition she got a room in the church where she could devote her life to God in the hope of ridding herself of the “entities” that continued to haunt her.
In her 20’s the nightly visits worsened to the point of happening almost every night.
Feeling betrayed by god after her many years of devotion, she began to look elsewhere for help.
Upon learning of her loss of faith, her parents rejected her. However, the church kept her on as cantor in the hope that her faith would return.
She eventually came across a book I, Dr Bettelheim, authored on dream research & theories which inspired her to contact me.
At the age of 26, after visiting me for several sessions, she committed herself into my care here at Zornheim Institution.




Decessit Vita Patris

Music by Zorn Lyrics by Zorn & Scucca Orchestrations by Zorn & Scucca Vocal lines by Zorn, Bendler & Scucca “The Son” performed by Algot Jacobson

The Gathering:
[The Lonely father] “It’s getting bloody, stop moving around” His life is fading away
[The Lonely father] “You will die, just give in – face the end” Lifeless, mangled – his body gets numb Lethal injection, those haunting blue eyes:
[The Lonely father] “My son’s eyes!!!” Carving them out. The dead need no sight And thus his flames have been fed.
Lamentation of the lonely father:
[The Lonely father] “And it hurts, I grieve With one path to relief But guilt weighs more than I could ever conceive And it hurts, I despair Finding solace is rare My deeds are the hair-shirt I constantly wear”
Funeral hymn: In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni.
The patching of corpses:
Limb after limb, Corpse constructed anew. [The Lonely father] “At last, it looks like my son”
His pale skin and blue eyes, rise my child Constructed and born of nine usurped lives Fatherless, innocent, nine little lambs Dis-mem-bered! Patched them together, the vessel I crave Follow the light, acts you cannot amend
Lamentation of the lonely father:
[The Lonely father] “And it hurts, I grieve With one path to relief But guilt weighs more than I could ever conceive And it hurts, I despair Finding solace is rare My deeds are the hair-shirt I constantly wear”
A dialogue with the dead:
[The Son] “Please take me home Please take me back from here I will never rest in peace… Father, I need you!”
[The Lonely father] “Here is a vessel, my son I carved these eyes, for you Please breath and live, again My only son, rise anew!”

Solo: Zorn

Evocation of the dead son:
The door cracks like thunder.
[The Lonely father] “Is that you my son?” Signs from the greater beyond?
[The Lonely father] “Please enter, embrace me, come my child!” “Let me caress you and all will be fine”
[Officer of the Law] “Bring down this damn door… Seize that insane man!”



Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Adalbert von Bismarck Patient/Case Number: ZH000C42 Sex: Male Age at Admission: 52 Diagnosis: Alcoholic, Depression, PTSD, Additional Notes of Interest: Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim
Childhood and Adolescence
Adalbert was obsessed from infancy with disassembling and reassembling items. This is a normal trait as children are naturally inquisitive but this bears mentioning due to his later actions as an adult.
His father worked as a mortician and funeral director out of the family home which afforded Adalbert access to the corpses in his father’s mortuary at night. He claims that the dead were calling him.
Upon discovering his nocturnal activities, his mother sought help from a psychiatrist and friend of the family who undertook sessions with the child privately. The session records are available in the archives here at Zornheim. His father, being a deeply spiritual man, believed that Adalbert’s claims. He also believed that their house served as some form of gathering place for lost souls. During his teenage years, he dismissed his childhood experiences as being caused by the overactive imagination of a child.
Adalbert pursued a career in medicine and by the age of 25 he was enjoying a promising career and newly married life. He became a father at the age of 31 and was highly taken with family life. However this new life was abruptly changed at the age of 37 when his son drowned during a fishing trip.
This traumatic event sent Adalbert into a downward spiral of depression and alcohol, costing him his marriage and his job.
At 45 his father passed away and he had no choice but to return to his father’s house to take over the mortician services.
Events leading up to admission
At the age of 48 he was still suffering from alcoholism but had also started hearing voices again. His son haunted him asking for a new body so he could resurrect.
He started assembling pieces for a new body for his dead son by drugging and killing boys he came into contact with through the funeral home. He targeted children who possessed features reminiscent of his dead son’s appearance and whose deceased fathers were under his care.
After 9 incidents of missing children, the police suspected him due to his funeral home being the only link between the disappearances. He was arrested in his lab coincidentally as he had just completed the body for his son. He was swiftly admitted to Zornheim after the completion of the investigation.





Music by Zorn
Lyrics by Zorn & Scucca
Orchestrations by Zorn
Arrangements by Scucca
Vocal lines by Zorn & Bendler
(Special thanks to Tomas Lagrén for help with arrangements and musical input)

[Dr. Bettleheim’s notes]
The pleasure and heat thrills her; loves the fire
Whispering voices from within; heart’s desire?
And forget about regrets, there’s none to find here
Smoke and anger in her wake, it makes her higher
To become…. One with fire… To become…
[Inner voices] Burn, tonight
Set ablaze, fires burning high in the twilight skies
Burn it down, tonight
Feed the flames, feed them now!
[Dr. Bettleheim’s notes]
She’s got no way to interact, no speech, can’t write
The fire became a mistress, her one true love
Engulfed in flames, no way to fight
Her actions futile, yet she survived?
I think she will stay here – as a mystery,
Nothing will ever improve, her condition
To become…. One with fire… To become…
[Inner voices] Burn, tonight
Set ablaze, fires burning high in the twilight skies
Burn it down, tonight
Feed the flames, feed them now!
[Mob] Burn… Her… Burn… Her…
[Accuser] Spawn of Satan
Die in flames
Demon’s temptress
Let her burn
[Accuser] The Lord’s wrath is righteous, she is confined in chains
Be one with the fire, and go down in flames!

Solo both




Zornheim Psychiatric Hospital

Patient History
Name: Unknown
Patient/Case Number: ZH000A59
Sex: Female
Age at Admission: Unknown (Mid 20s to 30s)
Diagnosis: Extreme aggression and Violent tendencies.
Additional Notes of Interest: Potential candidate for Sleep Deprivation Experiment?
Admission status: Permanently Institutionalised
Admitted by: Dr. Bettelheim
General Overview
Little is known about this mysterious patient’s history.
The only piece of information I have learned from her past is from the police report of her discovery.
A mob had set fire to a house where she had been hiding but she survived due to the efforts of the local fire brigade. The motivating factors behind the mob’s actions and for her needing to hide have yet to be uncovered. After her rescue from the fire, she was brought, unconscious, to the nearest hospital. She was left mute because of severe burning to her mouth and tongue and severely disabled due to nerve and tissue damage on her upper arms and hands. Her fingers are unable to function as the skin has fused together into one indistinguishable stump.
However, these injuries have not hampered her from being incredibly aggressive and physically violent towards anyone nearby, and this antisocial behaviour led to her admission to Zornheim.
Due to the combination of these injuries and her behaviour, I have been unable to find a way to communicate with her in order to progress her treatment.
This does present the opportunity for her to be used in an experiment I have been considering for some time now. She does appear to be a prime candidate…